When an idea comes to life, there’s nothing better than seeing the results in the shops, online, or maybe even displayed at a show. If you are a budding fashion designer with ambitions to start your own fashion line, then you’ll relate to all of the above, but may need a helping hand to kick-start your brand. Sign-up for this exciting ‘How To Start Your Own Fashion Brand’ course and you’ll benefit from expert insight in how to get started, including many how-to techniques and business concepts.

What Does The Course Include?

The video content in this course can be divided up into several key subject areas, including what you need to get started as a fashion brand, local or outsourced production, marketing and promotion, and how to sell your products. You’ll also learn about choosing your target market, distribution channels, start-up costs, and retail stores and ecommerce. The course leader has 15 years’ experience in the industry, so she is sure to give all you fashion entrepreneurs plenty to think about.

Who Is This Course Aimed At?

16+ all backgrounds are welcome to learn, this course is ideal for budding fashion designers who want to take the next step and launch a brand or products to the market. You could be designing as a hobby, or as part of a college course - either way there is something to gain from this exciting mix of business concepts and how-to techniques.

Start Your Own Fashion Brand

  • Getting Started

    • Questions you need to ask yourself before starting out.
    • What do you really want to design, and what do you want from your brand?
    • Insight into the commitment needed and what the industry is like.
    • Building a team and where to find help and support.
    • Sourcing fabrics and finding quality materials.
    • Telling your brand’s story.

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