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Fashion Design Diploma

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Do you sometimes wish you could literally “tailor” your own career to suit your family and lifestyle?

If you are inspired by fashion and clothes, would like to run your own business or simply want to be able to design and tailor clothes for yourself and your family, this course is perfectly structured to teach you how to combine fabrics and patterns using basic equipment to create your very own stylish garments.

Why should I enrol onto this course?

A fun-filled, self-paced programme that is organised into 11 easy-to-digest modules which will teach you to appreciate fashion items and the industry by encouraging you to observe your fashion surroundings. What’s more is that it will fit so easily into your daily routine.



  • Key Learning Points

    This course is structured to deliver everything you need to know for garment construction.

    • Gain fashion awareness - Discover the eight different body shapes.
    • Look at all factors, which determine a foundation wardrobe.
    • Learn all the articles calculated to be the main accessories in fashion.
    • Understand the different aspects of clothing ranges and colours.
    • Learn how different style lines influence the body shape.
    • Learn the correct way to take body measurements.
    • Discover the various types of commercial patterns available.
    • Understand how a commercial pattern differs from a trace pattern.
    • Learn how pattern markings assist in the cutting and making of clothing.
    • Gain the understanding to select a suitable pattern for your requirement.
    • Learn to evaluate the fibres most commonly used in dressmaking.
    • Research and understand the various man-made fibres available.
    • Learn of the essential tools required in dressmaking.
    • Understand the term ‘haberdashery’.
    • Learn the function of a ‘lay’.
    • Gain an understanding of facings, collars, cuffs and pockets.
    • Discover the different types of fasteners.
    • Understand the advantages of stretch sewing and over locking.
    • Understand the purpose of a rolled hem attachment.
    • Learn the techniques of fashion drawing.
    • Understand the significance of layout in dressmaking.
    • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of working with using marker pens or ink.
    • Learn what local legislation in your area is needed to comply with and the process involved with setting up a business as a limited company, sole trader or partnership.
    • Research all that is necessary with regards to financial documentation for a small business.
    • Gain the knowledge behind Health & Safety requirements from you in your local area.
    • Equip yourself with the valuable information and guide to market your new business.
  • Advantages of this Course

    There are no entry requirements for this course, making it ideal for beginners.

    • You will gain a endorsed Diploma.
    • Readily available for you to access online from anywhere.
    • You can enhance your current career status by adding this qualification to your portfolio.
    • At the end of each unit there is a multiple choice question assessment, which is a great way to help you remember the main points of each lesson and confirmation that you have retained the essential knowledge.
    • You can set-up your own practice with the valuable advice and tips.
    • Units of Study
    • Fashion awareness
    • Patterns
    • Fibres in common use
    • Tools and equipment
    • Lays
    • Lined bodices
    • Closings and fastenings
    • Fabric layout
    • Fashion awareness
    • An introduction to fashion drawing
    • Working in the business
    • For a more detailed syllabus,
  • Compatibility

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