Digital marketing is one of the most important tools a modern company, brand or business can utilise, so those with skills in this area are highly sought after. If you want to develop your knowledge and skillset to include online advertising, this course covers all the basics, including search engine optimisation, social media marketing, web analytics and digital marketing regulations.

How Will I Learn?

Fittingly, this course is taught entirely online, and you can learn when and wherever is most convenient. The 10 bite-sized modules make it easy to fit your study around existing work and home commitments, boosting your digital skills and employability in just 13 – 15 hours.



Who Is This For?

You might already be working in an advertising or marketing role and wish to move from traditional to digital methods. Or you might be a business owner looking to market your own brand effectively in a digital age. Digital marketing skills are useful in a variety of roles, and adding this diploma to your CV will undoubtedly be a smart career move.


Digital Marketing Diploma

  • Work through 10 modules to become a digital marketing whizz at everything from SEO to social media marketing.

    • Begin with the basics – an introduction to digital marketing including its definition, benefits, trends and variations.
    • Learn about search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), their benefits and how to use them.
    • Look at the basics of websites and web design, including how to create a website and the important elements it needs.
    • Gain an understanding of digital display advertising, its pros and cons, and how to implement successful campaigns.
    • Study email and mobile marketing, including the pros and cons of each, legal considerations and best practice strategies.
    • Learn all about social media marketing and look at the differences between passive and active SMM.
    • Discover the various platforms of social media and which demographics they best engage with.
    • Learn about the difference between traditional and online public relations, and the four elements and four phases of online PR.
    • Understand the types and processes of web analytics, and how to use them.
    • Learn the basics of planning a digital marketing campaign, including developing marketing objectives, looking at past data and identifying a target market.
    • Study the relevant digital marketing regulations and how data protection is handled both in the UK and around the world.

    Advantages of the Course

    • Study digital marketing online, wherever you have internet connection. There’s no need to travel to a classroom for this course.
    • Course material is compatible with major devices and browsers for your convenience.
    • 12 months access to the course is included so you can refresh your learning whenever you need to.
    • Achieve a Digital Marketing Diploma to boost your online skills and employability.
    • Course approved by the CPD Certification Service
    • No entry requirements mean that this course is available to anyone who wants to tap into the growing opportunities in digital marketing.
    • Course material is focused on the UK, while touching on global aspects, to ensure the approach is most relevant to your market.
    • Boost your knowledge and skills in the lucrative area of digital marketing.
    • Add an important modern-day skill to your CV to impress employers.
    • Use your digital marketing skills to boost your own business and reap all the rewards.

    Market yourself as a valuable business asset with this Digital Marketing Diploma.

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