How to Dress For Less

We’ve all had a moment when we wanted a new outfit with our heart, but our wallet didn’t agree so much. Clothes shopping now days can be super pricey, depending on where you are shopping and what you are shopping for. Especially when you are enrolled in university, your wallet may be even tighter. Fortunately I have put together this article to help you live your best fashion life.

1- Look and pay attention to sales. It may seem like simple advice, but sometimes sales can actually be super helpful, also it might help having apps on your phone to direct you to sales. Some of my favorites are Retailmenot, and Groupon.

2. Shop in discount stores There is no shame in shopping at a thrift store, especially when your budget is tight. I have bought plenty of boots and belts from my thrift store. Just make sure you wash what you buy, and watch what you buy. There is actually a really good chance you can find some designer items.

3. Clothes swap Sometimes that leather jacket your friend wears if really cute, but you aren’t about to drop 50 pound for it, and that’s understandable. Ask to borrow it, and maybe she will let you.

4.Redesign your old clothes. Lastly you could always redo your current clothes. Turn that boring shirt into a cute muscle tank, or anything you could dream

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